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All About Steaks

Kansas City Steak Company's masterful craftsmen have delivered only the best quality beef to our customers since 1932. Dedicated to elevating your dining experience, our team ensures each premium, masterful cut of steak offers robust flavor and juiciness that won't be forgotten. We are committed to providing our customers with premium steaks subject to rigorous food safety protocol and sealed at the peak of flavor and tenderness to guarantee an unparalleled level of quality.

From our expertly crafted steaks to our expertly crafted steak cooking instructions, temperature charts, meat storage guides, and more, our team has you covered when it comes to staying informed on how to enjoy our fine steaks. Whether you're a traditionalist cooking on a charcoal grill or a steak connoisseur experimenting with sous vide, we're here to help you enjoy your steak even more.

Follow our steak guide for expert cooking tips, recipes, and trending steak topics. Enjoy the best steak of your life with Kansas City Steak Company!

How to Cook Steaks

How to Cook Steaks

Explore various cooking methods to make a perfect steak every time. Learn different methods for preparing and cooking your steaks.

Cooking Steaks
Different Types of Steak Cuts

Different Types of Steak Cuts

Get to know each one of our steaks and what makes them unique. From the most tender to the most flavorful to the best cooked on the grill.

Types of Steak
Best Cuts of Steaks

Best Cuts of Steak

We've asked our experts to share their best tips for cooking steak, including selecting the perfect cut, defrosting, storing it, and more.

Best Steak Cuts
Steak Cooking Temps

Steak Cooking Times & Temps

Cook the perfect steak with our precise temperature and cooking times chart, including internal temperatures and times based on preferred doneness.

Steak Cooking Times
Steak Recipes


Simple and tasty recipes guaranteed to impress your loved ones. Explore our vast recipe library and discover unique, mouthwatering combinations.

Steak Recipes
Expert Tips

Expert Steak Tips

Relax. With our Expert Tips you'll soon discover just how easy it is to choose the best steak, roast or other cuts of meat. You'll learn to grill, pan-sear or even oven-roast with seasoned expertise. Best of all, you'll enjoy the satisfaction of serving the very best to those who matter most.

Expert Tips Hub

Steak Cuts for Every Taste