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Carve a Turkey
You've cooked your golden-brown turkey, the juices have been settling, and now it's that highly anticipated moment — it's time to carve your bird. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to cutting your turkey, showing you how to easily handle the turkey, the best knife to use, how to cut, and more.

Before you start carving, it is crucial to let your turkey rest for 15–30 minutes. This way, the juices can be reabsorbed into the meat rather than spilling out onto your carving station. Plus, by allowing it to cool, you can hold the turkey without burning your hand.

You will want to use a large, sharp chef's knife; there's no need to use specialty knives so long as you use a very sharp knife. Set up your carving station using a cutting board, a platter to serve the meat, and paper towels for flowing juices. Place the turkey on your cutting board with the open cavity facing you, remove the trussing strings, and get ready to carve your turkey like a pro.

Resting Turkey

Slice Turkey Leg and Thigh

Slice off the Leg and Thigh

Slice the skin along the body, separating the leg from the body. Angle the knife toward the body as you cut through the skin and meat toward the leg joint. When your knife hits the bone, grab the thigh with your hand and gently bend it back until you hear a "pop" sound. Cut through the joint and the rest of the thigh meat, separating the leg from the backbone. Repeat the same for the other leg and thigh.
Slice Turkey Wings

Slice off the Wings

It is time to cut off the wings. Like cutting the thighs, bend the wings back until you hear a "pop" sound and slice through the joint.
Remove Turkey Breasts

Remove the Breasts

Next, cut along one side of the breastbone following the curve of the bone; slice downward and separate the breast meat from the bone.
Slice Turkey White Meat

Slice the White Meat

Slice the breasts on the cutting board, skin-side up. We recommended cutting pieces into ½ inch slices, which is best for serving. Continue cutting long, deep slices rather than short strokes to keep the meat neater. Cut the wing in half and place white meat on the platter for serving.
Slice Dark Meat Turkey

Slice the Dark Meat

Separate the drumstick from the thigh at the joint. Remove the bone from the thigh and place the boneless thigh skin-side-up on the cutting board to slice.
Serve turkey

Serve immediately while the turkey is still warm and enjoy!

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