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Why is it ok to refreeze the meat?

If the beef products are cold to the touch upon arrival, it is fine to refreeze the meat. Our Flavor Lock™ System is our scientifically tested, state-of-the-art rapid freezing process. Perfectly aged, freshly cut steaks are sub- zero frozen, vacuum-packed and shipped with dry ice straight to your door in perfect condition without compromising quality. Buying fresh beef and slowly freezing it at home does not create the same result. Our system stops the aging process at its peak and prevents moisture loss during thawing. Vacuum-sealed packaging protects our premium steaks from freezer burn. We strongly recommend slowly thawing our premium steaks in the refrigerator on a plate in the fridge to guarantee the best results.

If your order includes our cold-water lobster tails, fish, shrimp, or chicken, these should not be refrozen. Crabcakes are ok to be refrozen.