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Wet Aged Steaks

What Are Wet Aged Steaks?

Great question! You may have heard the term wet aged steaks before, but you may not have been sure what that meant. A wet aged steak is one that has been through the process of aging for up to 28 days after it was initially cut from the side of beef. Wet aged beef is vacuum packed, then refrigerated for a couple of weeks so the steak can absorb its own flavors. This enables the steak to become a more tender cut of meat.

Fine cuts of meat from the loin or the ribs are most commonly wet aged. Steaks which are processed like this typically have a more complex flavor, better texture and often don't even require steak knives to cut - they are that tender!

If you haven't tried a wet aged steak before, you are certainly in for a treat. For your next dinner party or special occasion, we invite you to enjoy a wet aged steak from Kansas City Steak Company and truly "grill" to impress!

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