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Prime Steaks

Prime Steaks — The Best of the Best

“Prime” is the highest grade of meat you can buy. Meat of this caliber is generally what you will find in only the finest restaurants. Prime steak is rarely, if ever, available at the grocery store. Because the Kansas City Steak Company cares about the quality of steak we offer, we are pleased that we can offer our own private stock of USDA prime steaks for purchase.

You may order our prime beef online and know that it is guaranteed to be beautifully marbled and wet-aged. The marbling in prime meat is so important because the small specks of fat within the meat serve to create an exquisite flavor and wonderful juices. We wet age our prime steaks, which means that we age the beef a bit longer in a controlled environment to create more tenderness in every single cut. You'll be able to taste the difference - we promise.

Ordering prime steaks online is made easy with Kansas City Steak Company. Our selection of private stock meats includes Prime Boneless Ribeyes, Prime KC Strips, Prime Filet Mignons and Prime Top Sirloin. All our meat is guaranteed to be the best quality available.

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